A Day in Upper Park

Upper Bidwell Park - Near Bear Hole

The other day I was walking around in Upper Bidwell Park admiring the beautiful, lush environment and for a moment, I felt as though I was transported into a postcard. The vast expanse of green grass sprinkled with endless wildflowers, and the rocky buttes peeking through the green shroud of foliage, it was breathtaking!

Upper Bidwell Park - Bear Hole

Knowing that we only get to enjoy this spring gift for a very short time, I decided to try and capture what I saw. I spent the day with my video camera capturing the beauty of Upper Park in the Spring.

Upper Bidwell Park - Monkey Face at Night

Once the sun went down, my friend Cameron and I set up a camera in front of Monkey Face to do a time lapse video and see the amazing star display. Thanks to the security guard who didn't kick us out until 2AM, we were able to capture the Monkey Face at night as he watches over the park with thousands of stars spinning above his head. The result was magical! 

I hope you enjoy this small piece of Upper Bidwell Park, one of Chico's biggest source of pride.

A Day in Upper Bidwell Park

Produced By: Brent Holland
Music: The Spectacular Quiet by Lights & Motion

Making a Video with Pro Athlete Layshia Clarendon

When I heard I would be working with a professional athlete I got really excited! Layshia Clarendon, who plays point guard for the Indiana Fever, was warm, friendly and full of personality.

The video was the highlight the success Layshia has experienced in her athletic performance using the MetPro system. Right away I could tell that she was excited to talk about it. Her testimonial came through genuine and unrehearsed along with a dose of her infectious personality.

Layshia was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her skill along with her awesome personality made for a fantastic finished video!

January in Chico

Yesterday I decided to go shoot some photos and  a few timelapses for fun. I wen't up Skyway to the famous Lookout Point and I was taken by the beauty of the view.

Lone tree at Lookout Point

Living in Chico for 20 years now, I get so used to the dry and dead landscape and I forget about the short but amazing other seasons we have.

Sutter Buttes at dusk

View of Chico from Lookout Point

I have made it my goal this year to go out a few times each month and capture the seasons and changes we have this year starting now!

Butte Canyon from Lookout Point

Golden Valley Bank Campaign

We are proud to be working with Golden Valley Bank on their "Celebrating Independence" campaign. We produced this video of Red Hot Metal, one of the clients being featured in the 2016 campaign.

The purpose of the video is to feature owner Jeff Lindsay, a long time customer of the bank, to show how his business has impacted the community.

Full Length Version of the Red Hot Metal profile video

Blue Lab Media produced and full length version of the video along with a 60 second and 30 second commercial spot. We also produced the radio ad and photo used in the billboard ads.

Photo used for billboard ads