Trinidad California and Fern Canyon

Lighthouse in Trinidad, CA

Spending the weekend on the Northern California coast during a string of severe storms didn't seem like a good idea at first, but we're adventurers!...well at least we try to be.

It was my good friend Shannon Rosan's annual birthday trip and this year's destination was Trinidad, CA for an adventure to Fern Canyon in Orick.

Kristin, Shannon, Morgan and Milan posing for a lifestyle photo-op

Foot Bridge nestled in the Redwoods - Orick, CA

The bumpy road into the canyon took us half way and due to a road block in the form of a raging river, we strapped on our rubber boots and continued our journey on foot.

The 2 mile walk through the misty coastal forest was surreal. The coast is always beautiful but this year it seemed a little extra special. The vast collection of trees clothed in vibrant green moss, countless waterfalls dancing down the hillside, and of course the ferns!

Moss Covered Trees - Orick, CA

Magical Tree - Orick, CA

Orick CA is famous for it's large population of Elk so we were hopeful we would spot a few. We did not however, expect to see 2 large bull Elk blocking our path. After 10 minutes or so we realized that the sight of humans didn't bother them at all, we cautiously wandered past the enormous beasts and were treated with an up close view.

Two Bull Elk Block our Path - Orick, CA

Two Bull Elk Grazing - Orick, CA

The beautiful Kristin Jordan on the Road to Fern Canyon - Orick, CA

Once we finally made it to the Fern Canyon, the path through the canyon had turned into a seasonal river which kept us from venturing in very far, but the hike itself was every bit as beautiful as the destination!